Our history  

Önder Trout was first set up in1988 by Abdullah Özdemir as a one-man operation, however, in 1992 he was joined by Önder Özdemir and Seda Özdemir to broaden the company into full trout production and marketing of products, which led to the firm becoming a leader within the country in its field.

The company owns 3 sites outright, and one other in partnership, and all its holdings have been acquired using equity capital.

Our sites began operation as follows: Söğütlüdere village Yukarıdere district site on 01.02.1988 with licence no. B.48.01.0171, Söğütlüdere village Çukurcagözü district site on 19.09.1994 with licence no. B.48.01.0136, and Ceylan village Kocabük district site on 18.05.1998 with licence no. B.48.01.0192.

The Söğütlüdere village Yukarıdere district site where we rear hatchlings and produce eggs, is the core of our company. This site has the capacity for annual production of 100 million trout eggs, 60 million hatchlings, and 350 tons of table-ready trout.

The Söğütlüdere village Çukurcagözü district site produces 300 tons per year of table-ready trout, whilst the Ceylan village, Kocabük district site rears 950 tons per year of trout for the table.

Such production figures have made our company into one of the leaders within the sector.

Our rearing ponds in Ceylan and Söğütlüdere villages produce a combined annual total of 1,600 tons of trout, which is sold in both domestic and international markets.

And we must not forget the other site within the company's stucture, the Dalaman Bereket Dam site, which produces a further 500 tons of table-readytrout per year.

In 2011 our company, in partnership with Gümüş Natural Water Products, opened a new site in the lake created by the Tercan Dam in Erzincan province, which will have a production capacity of 3,300 tons annually, and thus we took the first step towards major peak production figures.


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