This site, covering 26,000sq.m. of mainly privately owned land in Asardibi district within the boundaries of Söğütlüdere village, is an important part of our company. It is a mere 600m from the centre of Söğütlüdere which greatly eases logistic and management issues.

The site is on a slope which means water flows through by gravity.  Most of the water comes from the Çukurcagözü river.  Throughout the year it flows at an average of 400 lt/sn with a highest temperature of 15 degrees.

As well as this main source of water, for the incubation cabinets and feed training tanks there are two other natural water sources used, with different temperatures, one with a temperature of 8 degrees and the other 13 degrees.

The existence of these sources at different temperatures greatly simplifies our work in terms of hatching and initial growth of young fish, a benefit that is passed on to the other sites within the company structure.

At any one time on site we have 11 million eggs being incubated within 55 upright cube-like incubation cabinets through which water flows, and also 120 feed training polyester tanks together with 252 concrete pools of varying dimensions.

This site has a production capacity of 300 ton/year. A total of 12 people work on site including a qualified Water Production Engineer and experienced technicians.

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