Our sites at Söğütlüdere and Çukurcagözü, where we have been producing hatchlings and eggs for many years, to meet the needs of our own company and also those of trout producers across Turkey, have given us an important role within the sector. 

We own the land on which these sites are located, it was bought with our own capital, and we are thus free of rental or any other form of liability in this context. All site developments, such as capacity growth, are also funded internally. All of our work is achieved using our own equity capital.
We are a family-based company with partners coming from the family and two senior partners: ABDULLAH ÖZDEMİR and ÖNDER ÖZDEMİR taking on the role of Directors. Another partner SEDA ÖZDEMİR runs marketing operations within the company.
We believe our firm, with annual growth in both production and sales, enjoys a good reputation as a dynamic company within the domestic market. We are now working towards the establishment of a similar profile in the export market. To dtae our efforts have seen us send table-ready trout to Europe and also be the first to export trout eggs from Turkey to Azerbaijan.
For the future we aim to carry on with planned growth and investment, adding value to Turkey and continuing as a strong production company.
Tel : 0 252 614 69 49 (pbx)
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