Located in the Yukarıdere district of Söğütlüdere village, this was the company's first site established on its own land in 1986, and is now the largest such production site in the country. Investment over the past few years, accompanied by the start of export trade, have resulted in the company's name now beginning to be known by an international clientele.

This site benefits from two separate water sources. The quality of the water exceeds standards set for production of eggs and hatchlings. The water on site flows at a rate of 650 lt/sn, at a temperature of 8.5 degrees all year round, and with a PH value of 8.2 PH. Due to the slope of the site we can re-use the water without wasting energy on pumps and thus benefit from efficient working practise. This situation, together with the quality of the water, has resulted in praise for our site from other producers within the same sector.

The site encompasses 231 upright incubation cabinets, 474 polyester first feeding tanks in various sizes, 67 'growing on' ponds again in a range of sizes, and finally 50 concrete ponds where mature fish are kept in stock.

As well as all of the above we also have a laboratory used for production of eggs, other biotechnological work, study of internal/external parasites, and basic diagnostic practise. Stores for chemicals and fish foodstuffs,  a canteen in which personnel can relax and eat in a clean, comfortable environment, offices for technical and administrative personnel and a visitors' centre.

Söğütlüdere Trout Eggs and Hatchlings' Production Site employs 4 Water Production Engineers, 1 Water Production Technician, 34 experienced workers and four night watchmen. The site can call upon support from expert consultants within the whole Önder Trout organisation as and when necessary.

At our Söğütlüdere site trout eggs are produced in every month of the year.

Our products include guaranteed female or sterile eggs, and also trout eggs which are a natural mix of genders.  With our natural advantages in terms of our site and water, and the fact that we deliver the entire range of services found across the trout farm sector, we take our responsibilities very seriously.  In 2003 we began to look closely at our management practises and this has continued to the present day without interruption. This on-going commitment to best practise has led to us receiving certification from


Önder Trout's business is the provision of food and thus the basic principle underlying all our work is that of 'safe food', and we are committed to ensuring this principle is adhered to on all our sites, from meeting the needs of the hatchlings through all stages of the production process, and we take care to try and offer our support to other production companies also seeking to export their products. Söğütlüdere may be just an egg and hatchling production centre, but everyone who works there, from the night watchmen to the engineer, can be seen to take pride in their work, and accept their duty to the wider industry as a whole.

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