Company Structure  


The company is divided into five main departments: 
a) Central Office
b) Söğütlüdere Production and Rearing Site
c) Çukurcagözü Rearing Site
d) Sahil Ceylan Rearing Site
e) Dalaman Bereket Dam Site
a) Central Office
This is located in Fethiye, a town in Muğla province. Here all the firm's administrative activity takes place, and reports and files are housed. Sales and marketing, and project management also happens here. 6 people work in this office.
b) Söğütlüdere Production and Rearing Site
Söğütlüdere village is also in Fethiye which is within Muğla province, our site is in the village's Yukarıdere district and annually produces 60 million trout hatchlings, 100 million trout eggs and 350 tons of trout ready for the table.
c) Çukurcagözü Trout Rearing Site
Also in Muğla province, near the town of Fethiye and located in the Çukurcagözü district of Söğütlüdere village this site produces 300 tons per year of table ready trout.
d) Sahil Ceylan Trout Rearing Site
Again in Muğla province, near the town of Fethiye, in Sahil Ceylan village's Kocabük district this well established site produces 950 tons per year of trout for the table. This site is working at absolutely maximum capacity.
e) Dalaman Bereket Dam Site
The Dalaman Bereket Dam Site, in Muğla province, is a site located in the lake created by the dam in which 500 tons of trout per year are reared in pens within the waters of the lake.
At all our sites we have a total of 8 water products engineers and a further 120 qualified personnel are also involved with production. We supply major production companies such as Gümüş Natural Water Products Ltd., Özpekler Water Products Ltd., Bağcı Water Products Ltd., Ertuğ Fish Production Ltd., and we also sell our products in wholesale markets in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Konya and other large cities. We also export to Germany and Romania. These markets are supplied with deep frozen fish which is transported in refrigerated vehicles.
Aims and Objectives 
Our vision has always been to be market leaders in the provision of hatchlings and trout for the table and in this context our aims and objectives are:
To underpin all our activities with appropriate certificated quality standards without exception;
To work with others within the same sector: companies, employees, leaders; to ensure maximum production benefit to all via such business relationships.
To take responsibility within the sector and the wider business community for ensuring that all activity meets standards for sustainable development, and basic values are protected;
To aim to place Önder Trout's hatchlings and table-ready fish production amongst the leaders within the sector and the country, and to establish the company as an international brand;
To paarticipate in Ar-Ge activities and thus bring new ideas to the sector and raise the standing of the company;
To contribute to the progress of the sector and the country via continuous investment and development of organisational leadership principles.
Önder Trout is based on all of the above.
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